Tree Watering Stations Set up on Doi Suthep

 | Fri 12 Jun 2015 04:26 ICT

CityNews – Around 20 cyclists from Chiang Mai have set up the “Tree Watering Stations, Love Doi Suthep” project after noticing that trees along the roadside leading up the mountain were dehydrated.

water drip system

According to 45-year-old Santitham Pudyapron, after the dry season this year, cyclists noticed that the ground along the roadside was bone dry, leaving trees and other greenery struggling to stay alive.

A water dripping system has been set up, to increase soil moisture around targeted areas up the mountain.

The water dripping system was designed using plastic bottles with holes in them, attached to posts next to selected trees.

Since the project began in April, over 100 trees have now been set up with the water dripping system.

Cyclists and other members of the public are encouraged to fill any water dripping system bottles they see along their journeys.

The group have also tried to encourage the officials of Doi Suthep National Park to plant more trees and shrubs, such as the Wild Himalayan Cherry, to improve the scenery.