Transport minister oversees major construction projects.

 | Mon 28 Oct 2019 14:58 ICT

CityNews – 27th October 2019, Saksiam Chidchob, transport minister has been in Chiang Mai to monitor two major projects; the first one is following up of work by department of highways (24 kms) including various overpasses which are expected to be completed as planned, the other is the underpass project on the San Pa Tong – Hang Dong route which faces obstacles with irrigation. Director of Highways Dept. and engineer supervisors reported that it can be re-designed to make the route possible, but the schedule to finish has to be postponed a further 15 months.

It is anticipated that after the underpass is complete in 2021, the traffic congestion will be greatly alleviated. As for main roads to various tourist attractions, the governor and relevant authorities have held planning meetings while the transport ministry will work on the budget. “Chiang Mai is the centre of the upper northern region”, said the minister to the media, “and when infrastructure is better, a greater number of tourists will come, together with revenue and development.”