Transgender madam arrested for selling underage boys for sex

 | Wed 22 Jul 2020 15:29 ICT

Last night the DOPA S.W.A.T unit of the Special Operations Set, Department of Local Administration along with a large number of other law enforcement groups raided a business on Chang Klan Road called Ann6999 and arrested its manager on multiple charges including human trafficking.

Officials were alerted by the Ronnasit Foundation which made an official complaint to the Damrongtham Center, Ministry of the Interior, about boys under the age of 18 being sold for sex.

Upon investigation, the special unit discovered a Twitter handler under the name ‘Ann 6999 nuad Chiang Mai’ which had posted nude images of boys who appeared to be in their teens in the act of massaging clients.

The account also called out for ‘real men’ to come and work in the business, with an alarming number of teenage boys responding to the post. Police found multiple boys featured on the business’s social media under the age of 18 and were informed that their services extended beyond massage, but also to accompany clients to hotel rooms.

An officer made up a handle on the Line app and attempted to lure a boy who he found on the Twitter page of Ann 6999. He was soon sent more images of naked boys to choose from.

The police behind the fake name was also told by the Ann 6999 admin not to bring a condom as the business would provide them and invited him to come and sample some of their boys.

On arrival at the venue the undercover police saw the sign at the front announcing H2O Chiang Mai Karaoke and was welcomed by many men as well as the manager and admin whom he had been chatting with online. He was provided with two escorts, both of whom told him that they were 17 years old.

Police arrested Chatsiri Maosang, nicknamed Ann, the transgender manager of the business.

The venue is located in a five story building which has massage and karaoke rooms as a front along with the 17 year old boys whose services the business was charging 1,600 baht per sexual encounter, the business keeping 600 in commissions.

Ann Chatsiri faces six charges ranging from human trafficking to procuring children under 18 for sex.

The police will be recommending the governor order the business to close permanently.