Trans woman allegedly assaulted by soldiers

 | Mon 5 Oct 2020 17:21 ICT

On the night of the 1st of October there was a report of an incident where a transsexual woman, Jirapan Pulwiriya, 21 claimed to have been beaten up by two men claiming to be soldiers.

According to Jirapan, a student at a local university, she was hanging around outside a night club with some friends when the two alleged soldiers began to sexually harass her, call her names and threaten her with a gun before beating her up. Her friends began to shout back in her defense and the two men became aggressive.

Police investigated the allegations after her story went viral and today Jirapan, along with her mother and friends sat in a room with a representative of the two accused and the police to negotiate.

The representative of the accused did not talk to reporters after the meeting, but Jirapan gave a small briefing of the meeting, saying that the representative of the accused claimed that the accused were too busy to make the meeting today, but will soon be available for negotiations and discussions re compensations.

Jirapan says that while the representative had said that the two accused were very sorry for their actions, and asked her to have pity on them, she is determined to press charges and take this matter to the courts.