Trade down by 50% and 30,000 tonnes of lamyai needing buyers

 | Thu 30 Apr 2020 13:54 ICT

CityNews – 30th April 2020, Prasert Faichaona from the Chiang Mai Commercial Office, has said that trade in Chiang Mai has dropped by 50% and farmers have 30,000 tonnes of lamyai and lychee which they are desperately seeking a market to sell to.

Prasert went on to say that consumer goods have now adjusted to normal levels while a few products such as oil and eggs have fluxuated in price. He says that Chiang Mai has over 3 million egg laying chicken with plenty of eggs to go around for all, so urges people not to hoard them.

One product which is still overpriced are masks and while there are many agencies making and selling masks, and authorities are cracking down on those overpricing their masks,  they urge the public to help report on any violations they find by calling 053 112 6689 or directly dial 1567.

Trade has dropped 30-50% and agricultural products such as shallots are now at 10-13 baht per kg and onions at 8-9 baht per kg while garlic prices have dropped to 10-12 baht per kg, he therefor urges people to refrain from importing these goods in order to support our own farmers.

What is of concern, he continued, was the normal fruit season which is beginning now and which is going to be hard to find a market for, whether its mangos, lychees (over ten thousand tonnes) or lamyai (over twenty thousand tonnes).  These products were traditionally exported, so he urges Thai people to support our farmers during these times by purchasing these items.

The province, he said, has already been in talks with outlets such as Big C and Central Group to find channels to sell these products.