Toyota Safety Road Project in Chiang Mai – First of its Kind in the City

 | Thu 9 May 2013 14:08 ICT

CityNews – One of Chiang Mai’s accident black spots is to get a makeover due to a new safety project from Toyota. The road in question is the junction outside the city’s municipality stadium.

On 9th May, 10 a.m. at the Sport Sciences Centre Building, Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium, Toyota Motor Thailand handed over ‘Smiling Road Project Chiang Mai’ to Chiang Mai Municipality Office in accordance with the 50th Anniversary of Toyota Motor Thailand. The project, already up and running in Udorn Thani province and Chumporn province, aims to be a model of road safety.

The main idea of the project is ‘Eco Safety Road’ which includes five models of good roads in five regions of Thailand. Chiang Mai became the third city to run the project.

The road will be improved by using road engineering systems and there will be environmental adjustments. The adjustments will include traffic signs, traffic lines, CCTV set up, a roundabout and more. All the materials used in the adjustments will be recycled materials. Photo Catalytic colours will be used, which helps to purify air, Trees will also be planted at the roundabout and along the road.