Tour Guide Arrested For Wearing Sandals with Thai Traditional Outfit

 | Wed 20 Jul 2016 04:46 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Tourist Police arrested a tour guide for wearing sandals with a traditional Thai outfit as they were ‘not appropriate footwear’ for traditional clothing. She was later released without charge, but warned not to wear sandals again.

arrested for sandals

On July 8, the Chiang Mai Tourist Police took it upon themselves to follow up on a female tour guide wearing sandals with her Thai traditional dress after there were several complains made about her on social media.

The tour guide was not charged with any crime but warned that she shouldn’t wear sandals as it is not appropriate footwear when wearing traditional clothing.

They told the press that the fully support the wearing of Thai traditional clothing and promoting local culture, but that sandals were not ‘culturally appropriate’.