Ton Kwan intersection to take two more years

 | Mon 1 Jun 2020 14:09 ICT

The Highway Department has been constructing  multiple underpasses along the 108 highway for some months now in order to find solutions to alleviate traffic at the Sanpatong, Hang Dong and Tung Siew intersections.

Last week the minister of transportation came to Chiang Mai to inspect progress of this mega project which aims to help save time in traffic, promote tourism and stimulate the economy.

The director of the highway department told reporters that currently these intersection bring together four-lane highways, with many of the highways shrinking to two lanes as they get closer to the city.

This new mega project will instead create double lanes as underpasses and double lanes on the road surface, doubling the number of lanes. There will also be pavements for pedestrians.

The project is currently sitting at 37% completion and is expected to be ready for use by early 2022.

The budget for this project is 720 million baht.