Today is the End of Lent

 | Thu 5 Oct 2017 07:58 ICT

CityNews – Buddhists will be flocking to the temples to celebrate and make offerings today.

Today, October 5th is the end of the three-months Buddhist lent. Traditionally Buddhists, both Thais and Tai Yai, will visit temples in their neighbourhoods to offer foods, sweets and various utensils to the monks to ask for fortune for their family members, both living and dead. There will also be sermons at most temples this evening.

For Tai Yai citizens, today is an important gathering of family and friends and the main temples for Tai Yai residents of Chiang Mai are Wat Ku Tao, Wat Sai Moon and Wat Pa Pao, which will see a great festive vibe as they expect over 10,000 Tai Yai citizens to visit today.