Three deaths in house fire

 | Mon 16 Sep 2019 15:48 ICT

CityNews – On the night of September 15th, a fire occurred at a residence in Ban Nong Pan Ngoen, Yuwah, San Pa Tong District.

Following an hour of controlling the fire, it was discovered that three family members died in the blaze, Sirimana Satamai, 61, Ratuchanephorn Satamai, 39, and a two months old baby Manapinit Satamai. They were found in each other’s embrace in a bathroom. The only survivor from this tragic incident is a six year old boy, Manasiri Satamai who was rescued by people in the neighbourhood.

It wasn’t until the fire was put out when the firefighters discovered the bodies, the team saying, “they weren’t aware that there was anyone in the house”.