Three cat burglars caught in Hang Dong

 | Thu 20 Aug 2020 19:18 ICT

Three people, aged 20-21 were arrested after having burgled five different locations in Hang Dong, all in the early hours of the morning.

Police say that between the 8th and 16th August, this gang had burgled a total of five businesses: 1.) Lung Sri’s Shop, where they got away with 970 baht of goods, 2. Lung Piak’s shop, where they took 34,000 baht, 3.) Pornchai store, where they took 1,040 baht of goods, 4. Kamolthip where they attempted, but failed to enter and 5.) Sombul shop, where they took 36,000 baht worth of goods.

All three were arrested from CCTV footage, with one of the three being a Myanmar national and the remaining two being Thai nationals.

The three said that they were looking for money to buy cigarettes and alcohol.