Thousands gather at Ganesha Shrine

 | Thu 10 Sep 2020 16:29 ICT

Thousands of Chiang Mai locals came together to worship Phra Rahu (God of darkness) on the 9th of the 9th month by offering black coloured food, believed to enhance fortune protection and to invite prosperity and wealth.

On September 9th there were a huge group of locals gathered at the Ganesha Shrine near Arcade Bus Station to perform Phra Rahu worshiping ceremony. According to the astrology book, Phra Rahu has moved away from Gemini and Sagittarius and moved into Taurus and Scorpio. Many people came to pick up their offerings and some prepared their eight auspicious black items for merit, including black coffee, grass jelly, century egg, chocolate, brownie, black bean, black sticky rice, and eight black incense sticks to offer to Phra Rahu for strong success in wealth, luck, fortune and protection. The ritual began with a dance offering to the deity followed by the worship ceremony according to the auspicious time that Phra Rahu will move from the zodiac.

Wanchai Dullathampakdee, the owner of the Ganesha Shrine at said that previously he intended to build a Ganesha shrine for people to worship without business benefits. But today many people come to make a wish and most ask for fortune, wealth and success.