Thousands attend student protest at CMU

 | Tue 25 Aug 2020 17:19 ICT

Last evening thousands of people gathered at the hall by Chiang Mai University’s Ang Kaew Lake in protest of dictatorship and in demand of democracy and reform.

This event was designed for students, rather than the general public, but was also attended by many from outside the campus. The lively event began at 5pm with the core student leaders stepping up on stage and chatting to one another about various issues. There were bands and singers entertaining throughout the event the event, which was given a permit by the university. The event was peaceful and generally sanuk.

Political discussions covered topics of importance to the students ranging from education reform, government intimidation and arrests, the dismantling of the constitution and the public participation in writing a new one, SCOTUS (freshman bullying), decentralisation, public services, national budgets, how the military can fit under the new constitutional framework, youth grievances and more. The three finger salute was prevalent throughout the event.

Reporters were particularly excited when Chaiamorn ‘Amy’ Kaewwibul, or Amy from The Bottom Blues, stepped up on stage to entertain the crowd.

Amy also held up the three finger salute and urged students to fight for democracy.