This morning’s scammer back in news for attempted suicide

 | Fri 12 Jun 2020 16:59 ICT

Earlier today CityNews reported a warning about a woman who was caught attempting to scam officials at the Mae Ai Covid-19 road-side checkpoint.

According to this morning’s report, officials at the checkpoint rushed to help a woman who had fainted by the side of the road near the checkpoint. She told officials that she was from Roi Et and had had a fight with her husband while driving and he kicked her out of the vehicle, leaving her with no money, no phone and three months pregnant.

Police were consoling here, and offering her food and drinks when one official arrived at the checkpoint and recognised her and her story.

Apparently she had told the same story to officials at the same checkpoint before, last time leaving with 1,500 baht raised by officials who pitied her.

The latest news this afternoon is of a woman who was hysterical and threatening to kill herself from the fourth floor of the science building at Maejo University. Rescue workers spent over half an hour calming her down before bringing her off the ledge to safety.

It was then realised that she is the same woman who was in the news this morning. This time she also told authorities that she was from Roi Et but that she had lost her job here in Chiang Mai and couldn’t afford to go home.

Authorities are looking into how to return her home to Roi Et or seek some help for her.