Thailand’s Half-Snake Girl Making The Rounds Online

 | Wed 15 Jan 2014 14:07 ICT

CityNews – ‘Snakegirl Attracts Crowds of Pilgrims and Tourists’ is the name of a story featured on the website World News Daily Report, along with other stories headlined ‘North Korea Clones First Human Baby’ and ‘Rare Specimen of Duckhorse Sighted During Safari’.

The story, which has been circulating around the highly gullible netherworlds of the internet, features a (painfully photo-shopped) picture of a young girl whose bottom half of her body seems to belong to a fat snake. The article goes on to say how thousands of visitors have been gathering at her house every day, just to prod, pray to, and otherwise bother the pixelated 8-year-old monster.

The girl is supposedly named Mai Li Fay, while Dr. Ping Lao, “Thailand’s top medical expert” diagnosed the bogus syndrome. Neither of those names are Thai, nor is the name Jing Jing’s disease, which the report offers as an alternative to the more Latin-esque “Serpentosis Malianorcis”.

A quick Google search of any of the information provided will instantly tell you the story is nonsense, yet that doesn’t stop thousands of greedy hoax-gobblers from sharing it over 125,000 times on Facebook.

“i saw her personally, and i took a picture with her” says one commenter, while another claims, “Not Fake. Its real. I CHECKED ON GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA”. One thoughtful commenter even asked, “How does she poop and pee?”

The story has collected hundreds of naysayers and people asking for proof, even though it is acutely obvious that the website’s purpose is to churn out total twaddle. Here’s one of the more unfortunate comments from someone who seems to have missed the mark: “Genetically, the DNA of snakes and human beings are not compatible. This girl should not have survived, let alone be conceived.”

To see the story for yourself, click here.