Thailand to get a ‘Morning After’ pill Boost? – Teens just wanna have sex, and we can’t stop them admits Health Ministry

 | Thu 27 Jun 2013 11:25 ICT

CityNews – In a meeting today, June 27th, it will be discussed if a new morning after pill should be made more widely available in Thailand for young people at low cost.

A teenage mother with her son inside Chiang Mai Youth Correction Facility

The public health’s ‘Reproduction Health Development’ department, it was reported in The Nation, were meeting to discuss how best to avoid “unplanned pregnancies” in Thailand. It will also be brought up in the meeting that the previous tactic of trying to persuade young adults from abstaining from sexual activity is just not working.

It’s reported that Thailand has the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the world after South Africa. Mayuree Yoktree, the head of Social Development and Human Security for Chiang Mai, was reported in August last year as saying that “Thai teens from the ages of around 13-15 are already having sexual relationships.” As a consequence the health ministry have had to re-evaluate their strategy in lowering the volume of unwanted pregnancies.

The new pill will be discussed at the meeting in which Public Health Minister, Pradit Sinthawanarong, will chair. Once the debate is finished it’s thought that the Royal College of Physicians will legislate accordingly and within about 60 days from now the pill may be available in Thailand.