Thailand Celebrates National Thai Elephant Day

 | Mon 16 Mar 2015 04:49 ICT

CityNews – This past Friday, March 13, was National Thai Elephant Day, and many elephant camps and conservation centres held celebrations, including Mae Sa Elephant Camp.

elephant feastElephants feasting at Mae Sa Elephant Camp

The event at Mae Sa was presided over by Chiang Mai Vice Governor Chana Pangpibun and joined by officials from both government and private sectors as well as residents and Thai and foreign tourists.

The event aimed to remind locals about the importance of recognising and conserving Thai elephants, as they hold a very important place in Thai history and culture.

Over 70 elephants were given a special feast on Friday at Mae Sa, and a Thai blessing ceremony for elephants was also performed.

Activities also highlighted the relationships between mahouts and elephants, and included a performance of a Phra Mahachanok play, a demonstration of Lanna arts and crafts, showcases of plants from Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, products from the Royal Projects, and more.

According to Vice Governor Chana, Thai elephants have been a symbol of Thailand for a long time. They are important in tourism, education, arts and culture. To show the importance of Thai elephants, and March 13 is an important day to remind Chiang Mai residents to support Thai elephant conservation and ecotourism, and to foster love and respect for Thailand’s many elephants.