Temple in Haiya Urges Action re Robbery

 | Wed 12 Jun 2019 16:48 ICT

CityNews – Monks at Wat Puak Change plead for some action on recurring robberies.

On June 7th at Wat Puak Chang in Haiya Sub-district, a case of robbery was reported. The monk who encountered the thieves stated that they arrived at the temple by motorcycle. The two men acted as visitors before they were caught stealing. A group of monks encountered them and managed to grabbed some items back from the robbers which included pedestal trays and tent legs. However, the robbers successfully escaped with the rest of the stolen goods.

One of the monks stated that this is not the first robbery to have occurred at the temple, but they have been reoccurring with great frequency as a variety of stolen goods from donated money, laptop to food have been stolen. Sometimes monks managed to catch the suspects who ranged from teens to elder homeless persons, but the temple never filed a case due to sympathy. The temple reportedly would only warn the robbers not to do it again. This time, the temple wanted to warn households in the neighbourhood and urge authorities to take some action for the better security for the community.