Teens racing on streets lead to two deaths

 | Wed 19 Jun 2019 14:17 ICT

CityNews – A group of teens racing on the street lead to two deaths.

Around 3am of June 18th, police responded to a report of two casualties amongst a group of teens who were racing on the streets. One of the casualties was announced dead upon the arrival of the rescue team while another one died at the hospital. Both of them were 16 year old students at a vocational school in Chiang Mai.

A statement from a friend of the deceases claimed that they were hanging out at Tha Pae Gate that night when they encountered a member from another gang who was allegedly Tai Yai. He claims that they were chased by this person who had a knife. The chase took to the streets and stopped when his friend fell from the motorcycle and the chaser rammed his vehicle into the fallen youth.

After this incident, police made announcements on tightening up security at night with an extension of checkpoint periods to eight hours and implementing frequent patrols on teens gathering during the night, while also promising to give an update on the case.

On the following day after checking with a record from CCTV camera, police revealed that they found conflicts within the statements. The video clip shows that first youth who fell was actually in procession of a knife and the motorcycle in the lead didn’t flee as alleged, but stopped to check on the accident. The evidence shows no sign of a brawl, plus, both of the deceases did not have injuries from a fight. Police suspected that all three of them were together that night. However, the case is not concluded yet and police are gathering more evidence.