Teenagers reprimanded for not wearing masks and being belligerent

 | Wed 1 Apr 2020 18:40 ICT

CityNews – 1st April 2020, reports of rowdy teenagers at Nakorn Ping Hospital has reached the governor’s ear. Apparently a relative of a group of teenagers was in an accident and was sent to Nakorn Ping hospital where the teenagers followed to. Upon arrival they were stopped because they weren’t wearing facemasks and were told by hospital personnel that they should. In spite of being told that Nakorn Ping hospital is where most of the COVID-19 patients go to and that there is risk involved as many people go through every day for various health reasons, the teenagers still refused and became belligerent.

The governor called upon the police to take action and soon the parents of the teenagers were called in for a talk. In total there were ten teenagers who were reprimanded.

The governor would like to remind everyone to respect the advice of medical professionals by wearing masks when outside and interacting with people and taking all other precautions during these challenging times.