TAT director invites you to check out Lamphun and Lampang

 | Thu 5 Nov 2020 11:57 ICT

“Some people may dismiss Lampang and Lamphun as small provinces to drive through rather than visit,” said Wisut Buachum, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Lampang and Lamphun. “But in actual fact these provinces are filled with great attractions and destinations from cultural heritage dating millennia to vast natural parks and resources. We are really wanting people to come and explore us, I promise you will be very pleasantly surprised.”

Wisut goes on to talk about winter being the perfect time to visit the two provinces where mountains, flowers, seas of fogs and many activities are open to the public. He recommends the Pha Hob-Lom Phu Khiew (Emerald pool)-Kew Lom Dam-Kang Kor route so if you haven’t been to any of these destinations, get a map and go!

He also touts the communities of the provinces and their rich arts and cultural draws, mentioning taking the Chiang Mai-Lampang-Lamphun day journey by train to visit all manner of attractions.

“We have great golf courses, colourful festivals, hidden gems, arts and crafts galore and more attractions than you can possibly imagine. Come visit!”