TAT Chiang Mai held a trip for fans to visit the filming locations of Klin Kasalong TV drama

 | Mon 1 Jul 2019 15:53 ICT

CityNews – TAT held a trip to Chiang Mai to visit locations filmed in the hit TV drama, Klin Kasalong.

On June 29th, Tourism Authority Thailand, Chiang Mai Office held a trip taking fans of Klin Kasalong TV Drama to the scenes filmed in the series. Klin Kasalong, a current hit, is a soapy fictional drama in Lanna around the 19th century portraying traditions and culture and featuring the northern dialect (kam muang), traditional costumes, and performance.

The trip was joined by Pakkanan Winijchai, the director general of Tourism Authority Thailand Chiang Mai Office and members of the cast from the series including James Assarasakorn, the male lead actor and Kulteera Yordchang. The highlight of this trip is for fans to meet with cast members at Wat Lok Molee. After enjoying a traditional fingernail performance, participants were introduced to landmark locations in Chiang Mai including Wat Ton Kwen, Wat Ket Karam, Wat Chet Yot and the McCormick Hospital.