Taiwanese man commits suicide

 | Mon 18 Oct 2021 14:46 ICT

Earlier today police were called to a parked vehicle near Pandora Massage Parlour in Wat Gate where a man was found dead.

On arrival, police found a man slumped behind the wheel of a Mazda which was parked in a carpark, at his feet was a charcoal burner.

A suicide note was found on his body along with identifying documents which showed him to be a 36 year old Taiwanese man.

It is believed he died last night.

According to Thai friends of his who arrived on the scene, the man was an amulet trader who had lived in Thailand for many years.

He had a Thai wife and left behind a two month old child. While he and his wife were temporarily separated, it was because he had planned to travel and not because of any acrimonious reasons, say friends.

His friends say that they were shocked as there were no signs of trouble or depression prior to his suicide.