A Tai Yai Woman Has Won 30M Baht in Lottery Jackpot

 | Mon 18 Jun 2018 10:20 ICT

CityNews – The lottery winner has brought crowds to Wat Pra That Doi Kham, looking for their own winning ticket.

On June 16th, a Tai Yai woman won the jackpot prize for a set of lottery tickets. Her winnings totaled 30 million baht from five winning tickets. In shock, the woman filed a report with the police that the tickets were hers – a common practice with jackpot winners to prevent people stealing the tickets.

She told police that she had bought the lottery tickets during a visit to Wat Pra That Doi Kham where she and her mother go to regularly to make offerings.

CityNews visited the temple the following day and saw crowds of people keen to make offerings and buy lottery tickets in the hope they too could win the jackpot next draw. Lottery vendors in the area have said their sales have increased since the news.