Suspicious Bag Found in Lampang Turns Out to be Full of Underwear

 | Mon 26 May 2014 11:32 ICT

CityNews – At 8 p.m. on Sunday, 25thMay, Police Lieutenant Thanee Tonjangkul of Lampang Police Station was informed from a security guard stationed at a HomePro department store that a suspicious bag had been discovered in the parking lot. The police were summoned to investigate the scene.

A HomePro store in Thailand.

When police carefully searched the bag they discovered nothing but female underwear. The manager of the shopping centre told police that the area was a popular place and that there were many people present during the time the bag was discovered. The complex consists of HomePro, Tesco Lotus and Central Plaza so it would be difficult to find the person accountable for the bag.

The police are holding the bag at Lampang Police Station, but it is doubtful that anyone will show up to claim it as theirs.

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