Suspected Boat from Ancient Angel Turns Out to be Driftwood

 | Fri 12 May 2017 08:45 ICT

CityNews – Villagers, religious hermits, monks, district mayors and the media came together in a village in Chiang Dao yesterday to officially dig up what villagers suspected may be a religious relic.

On 21st April 2017 a part of a large piece of wood was exposed on a bank of a small stream. Local legend has it that an angel sent a boat down in ancient times which has since been lost. Villagers pooled their resources and yesterday the head of the local district, a shaman/hermit from Chiang Khong in Chiang Rai, a monk from Chiang Mai and curious villagers came together to officially remove the piece of wood from the stream bank. Around 30 villagers wore white for the occasion.

It turns out that it was a piece of wood which authorities say may have been swept down in the great flood of 1978. The four metre piece of wood was taken to the temple where it was blessed and the local monk told villagers that the upcoming lottery number would end in the numbers 26.