Summer Storms Damage Homes and Uproot Trees in Doi Tao

 | Wed 9 May 2018 06:21 ICT

CityNews – Summer storm hits Doi Tao, uprooting trees and damaging homes.

On May 8th, a strong summer storm hit a village called Doi Kaew in Doi Tao which uprooted trees and destroyed homes.

Despite no reports of injury, the aftermath was devastating, with a number of homes being crushed by trees. According to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, authorities from Chiang Mai have been sent to help assist those affected.

The same storm also struck Chom Thong, where a tree was uprooted and fell on a parked car.

The Northern Meteorological Center has warned that Northern Thailand will be hot and humid with 10 – 20% chance of thunderstorms between the 9th and 13th May.