Suksasongkhro Chiang Mai School Shares Knowledge with UNESCO

 | Fri 20 Jul 2018 10:05 ICT

CityNews – UNESCO visited Suksasongkhro Chiang Mai School today, July 20th, to learn about their management system. Suksasongkhro Chiang Mai School is a school for children with difficult backgrounds; be they poor, from abusive homes or hill tribe and migrant families.

Uraiwan Sritiwong, a teacher at the school, said, “Education is the best way to reduce people’s inequality, we try our best for students to gain best potential in both theoretical and practical knowledge. After graduation, each student has to have a viable pathway such as internships or work for their better future.” This school is a boarding school which aims to create its own family environment since so many of the students don’t have solid families. Somsak Seanglar, a teacher, said, “we live together as a family, even we have different races, cultures, and beliefs, but we still live together happily.”

The school is part of a UNESCO knowledge sharing network, hence today’s visit. Kusuma Nawaphampimol, a UNESCO staff, said, “the aim of UNESCO is to create peace and prosperity all around the world and this school is answering our aim. They bring children from different societies, cultures, beliefs together and teach them how to live with each other, how to accept these differences. Not only that, they also teach children to value local assets like tradition which is a way to maintain the prosperity of culture. We are here to learn how they do this progress and share it to others, we are not the best in knowing everything but we are core to link everyone together.”
This August, Citylife will be featuring more on this school in our magazine.