Suicide at Nong Ho Horse Stable

 | Fri 22 May 2015 06:43 ICT

CityNews – Changpuek police were informed of a suicide at Nong Ho Horse Stable in Changpuek area on the morning of May 21st.

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A man was found dead behind a ticket booth in the horse stables. Two lacerations were found on his arm, and he had hung himself with a nylon rope. The man had been drinking alcohol.

The man was later identified as Sua Prasert, 45, originally from Bankok. He did not have ID when his body was discovered.

Sua did not have a permanent home, and was raised in the Chiang Mai Home for Boys.

According to his wife, Kam, Sua worked as a stableman at the horse stable. He was an alcoholic, and he often drank two bottles of alcohol a day. He was fired from his job about 5 months ago due to his alcoholism, and was dealing with the stress of unemployment.

The previous night, May 20th, Sua became drunk in Kam’s house and slit his own arm, threatened to jump into the water to commit suicide, claiming that “Heaven is ready to take my life.”

Kam stopped him from commiting suicide and he eventually calmed down. She bought him more alcohol hoping that it would distract him, but Sua tried to slit his own throat. She stopped him and calmed him down again. At around 2.30am, he seemed calm, so Kam went to sleep.

When Kam woke up the next morning, she was informed that his body had been found.

Doctors believe that he had been dead for around 2-3 hours before he was found.

His body was taken to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy.