Students in Nan Province Given Spoilt Milk in School

 | Thu 24 Sep 2015 09:32 ICT

CityNews – It was recently reported that milk distributed for free to Ban Nam Lee School’s students in Nan province was found to be rotten, even though the expiry date was marked for next year. The milk producer company has been asked to take responsibility for providing spoiled milk.


On September 24th, at the Office of Anti-Corruption in Public Area 5, Director Krit Krasawes and authorities involved examined samples of milk from Chiang Mai and Nan provinces.


The results deemed Chiang Mai’s milk as up to standards, however Nan Province’s school milk was considered dangerous. Officials have been dispatched to inspect the company’s factories to find out the causes of the spoiled milk.

Meanwhile, officials have called for the prosecution those involved with the spoiled milk scheme.