Student Protest Leads to Transfer and Investigation of School Director

 | Wed 16 Sep 2015 07:48 ICT

CityNews – On the morning of September 16, hundreds of students gathered together with protest signs demanding the removal of Nikom Sinthupong as director of Wattanothaipayap School, Chiang Mai.

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The students required the director to be dismissed within 24 hours as they were dissatisfied with his school management. Students accused the director of using the school’s budget with no transparency, especially with equipment orders, and spending money on things that were not involved with education.

Around an hour later, officials from The Secondary Educational Service Area Office, summoned executives and representatives of the students for conciliation in a meeting room.

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After the meeting, Sittichai Munkian, the director of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office 34, told the students that he would set up a board to examine Nikom to find out the truth, and he would move him to another school.

The protesters were satisfied, and the protest dispersed.