Student Ignored by Shop Staff as he Calls for help after Severe Beating – WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO (HYPER-LINK)

 | Tue 20 Aug 2013 15:27 ICT

CityNews – An as yet nameless technical school student was beaten to a bloody mess on August 17th outside the On Nut BTS station in Bangkok. The incident has caused debate throughout Thailand as CCTV shows the boy on all fours making it to a shop where he pleads for help, yet staff at the shop ignore his entreaties.

Rescue workers attending to the boy 

In the video of the graphic incident the boy is seen asking shop staff for help but he is ignored until rescue workers come and pick him up. It becomes apparent as the video goes on that the young man’s injuries are severe. He has lost a lot of blood from an open head wound. His identity is still a mystery so it’s not known what condition he is now in. 

Fighting between technical schools happens quite often in Bangkok and is often caught on camera, though this particular event has sparked concern, asking some people to question public sympathy.