Student committed suicide after being catfished

 | Fri 18 Mar 2022 14:37 ICT

Earlier today Chatapol Anantawong, 26, was arrested by the Chiang Mai police for catfishing a Mathayom 5 student, which lead to their suicide.

This student, from a well known school in Chiang Mai, was, somehow, forced by Chatapol, to send nude photos, leading to his stress and ultimate suicide, say police.

Upon arrest, he admitted to creating a profile of a beautiful girl to lure in the student. After sharing nudes, he then blackmailed the student to the tune of 20,000 baht. Upon asking for a further 20,000 baht, the student committed suicide.

He admitted to police that he had created around 1,000 such profiles, and has, to date, received money from around 20 students across Thailand.

In 2019 he was also arrested for trade of pornography, said police, who said that he was still undergoing trial for a previous case.