Student brutally hazed at Maejo University receives compensation and apology

 | Thu 7 Nov 2019 15:07 ICT

CityNews – 6th November 2019, after photos showing a university freshman’s back covered in bruises was shown on-line, a lot of criticism has been directed towards Maejo University for the severe hazing the student suffered, which led him to say that he would drop out of the university altogether.  On the afternoon of 5th November 2019, Maejo University together with representatives of senior students came to the Maejo police station to meet Lalitphat Panyothi, the parent of “Folk” the victim, holding a negotiation with the participation of Pol. Col. Nathaphon Kaewkamnoed, superintendent of Maejo police station.

The negotiation resulted in the university and senior student representative apologising to the victim, and the freshman saying that he was willing to stay on at the university, but would change faculties.

Following medical examination, it was found that the student’s wounds were not severe. However, one senior student pleaded guilty to harming the freshman and was fined according to relevant laws.

Lalipat Panyothi, the parent, said she felt OK with the outcome of the situation and that she had also received compensation as a free semester for her son.

Sudkhet Sakulchai, deputy rector of Maejo University revealed that due to the large numbers of students, some activities may be unsupervised by teachers and relevant university staff.  The university accepted the truth, listened to relevant comments and would strive to improve the system to become better.

As for this case, the university had recompensated 30,000 baht, or one semester’s fee, which will be repaid to the parents of the freshman. They also offered to find financial assistance for the student should he decide to continue to study in the Faculty of Fisheries, though they will accommodate him should he wish to move to another faculty.