Stepfather arrested after years of sexual abusing stepdaughter

 | Mon 15 Feb 2021 14:23 ICT

Police say that they have arrested Vichien Manotham, 37, from Chiang Mai city after his mother in law reported that he had been molesting his 12 year old daughter.

Police were alerted to the crime when the grandmother fainted at home upon learning that her granddaughter had been sexually assaulted. When police arrived she told them why she fainted, leading to the arrest.

The child’s grandmother later told police that she lived in her house with her daughter, granddaughter and Vichen who worked as a speaker sales man. Vichien had, according to the grandmother, been with her daughter for nearly ten years, but no one had ever suspected him of anything like this.

At 2am last night, she told police, she woke up and found her granddaughter gone so she went to look for her, finding her in Vichen’s bedroom, naked, which caused her to faint.

When interviewed by police the child said that Vichien had been raping her for years and threatened her life if she told anyone. She said that the last time she was raped was the week before.

Vichien denied all allegations, telling police that he and the girl liked one another and that she liked to crawl into his bed at night only to cuddle.

Police however say that following medical examination there are clear signs of assault.

The 38 year old father of the child, who had divorced his wife years ago, but still visited the home frequently, said that he was saddened and shocked as he had no idea what was going on.

Police are currently investigating the child’s mother to see whether or not she was complicit.