Stand-in chicken buried for a fortnight in viral video is safe and sound

Earlier this week a famous YouTuber got himself into hot water when a video of him burying a chicken up to its neck for two weeks was featured as part of an ancient chicken curry recipe he claims is from the Sansai area.

Following social media outrage which saw the YouTuber, Mom Tanad Daek, showcase this ‘ancient’ recipe, which saw a chicken bury up to its neck and only fed coconut milk for a fortnight to tenderise its meat, the owner of the chicken in question has now come forward.

Winai Dechawut, 67, from Sansai told reporters today that it was only a demonstration of the ancient technique, and in fact, no chicken was harmed in the production of the video.

To prove that he was not lying, he brought the chicken in question with him to show reporters.

He said that he assisted the production team in digging four holes and one chicken was simply temporarily buried and quickly dug out for the clip.

The cooked chicken shown was cooked normally, like any other chicken, he said.

The foundation Watchdog Thailand, which filed the report against Mon Tanad Daek insists that it is pressing charges for animal cruelty and false advertising.