Sri Phum Post Office Apologies for Worms Found in the Wet Sponges

 | Fri 16 Mar 2018 04:53 ICT

CityNews – Sri Phum Post Office has apologised to customers after images of live worms found living in the stamp and letter seal sponges.

A video clip was shared online on 13th March showing small, unidentified leech type worms living in the wet sponges that are used to wet fingers, letter seals and stamps.

The video of the sponge taken at the Sri Phum Post Office was shared along with a comment asking the post office to maintain clean standards.

CityNews visited the post office and spoke with the manager, Sampan Aumbumrong. He said that he was devastated that customers were exposed to underpar standards, and said that once it was brought to his attention he immediately changed all the wet sponges in the post office, and gave a warning to the cleaning staff to be more vigilant.

He added that if any costumers discover anything that is not up to their standards, they may inform the staff at any time.