Spent shells found in ‘happiness box’

 | Thu 27 Aug 2020 16:45 ICT

Residents of Nimmanhaemin Soi 9 had a fright yesterday evening when it was discovered that the local ‘happiness box’ – a donation site whereby people can drop off donated food and goods and those in need can pick them up for free – contained five spent shells, instead of the expected necessities.

The five spent shells were lined up next to the box they came in and sitting on a shelf in the ‘happiness box’.

The landlord of the building which houses a 7/11 and the ‘happiness box’ next to it, told reporters that he had seen various groups hanging out by the box the night before, but it was normal on his soi as there were many pubs. He said that he had set up the box to help people suffering during the pandemic and it was a common sight to see people milling about.

He didn’t think anything of it until a few residents came and told him about the shells.

Residents have been speculating as to whether this was a threat, a political message or simply a prank.

Police are investigating.