Songwriter accused of brandishing firearm in minimart

 | Tue 23 Jun 2020 17:59 ICT

Prasert Carnation, 54, a well-known composer of Lanna music, went to the police station in Sankampang this morning to inform the police that he was the man with a gun in a video clip that has gone viral.

According to a 35 year old minimart owner, Prasert had taught his son in the past and the owner of the minimart was friendly with Prasert’s wife which caused Prasert to become jealous. The minimart owner told police that Prasert had also sent him threatening messages prior to the incident. The CCTV footage showed Prasert entering the minimart brandishing a gun on the 21st and police had been looking for him since.

Prasert told  police that he had unfinished business with the minimart owner that he would rather not go into. He said that he wasn’t so stupid as to seriously intend to go into the minimart with witnesses to kill anyone. He said that he was picking up his son from school which was near the minimart when he lost his temper and got angry. He took the gun in just to make a point, not intending to actually shoot anyone.

The minimart owner told police that Prasert had accused him of having an affair with his wife, but he was only on friendly terms and never had an affair, accusing Prasert of unreasonable jealousy. He said that he, his wife and two year old son were closing up the minimart at around 7pm of the day in question and there were a couple of other customers in the minimart who were also traumatised.

Police say that they are looking to charge Prasert with having firearm in public and causing a disturbance.