Songkran ON. But Festivities OFF.

 | Tue 10 Mar 2020 15:41 ICT

CityNews – 9th March 2020, fabulously mixed messeging from our city leaders who have just annoucned today that due to coronavirus fears, Songkran festivities will be cancelled, though the Songkran festival itself will not.

The municipality announced today that all parades and processions as well as all water-throwing around the moat will be cancelled. However, the moat will still be decorated with flowers and art works to celebrate the occasion.

As to activities in front of Tha Pae Gate and Three Kings Monument, they will continue to be held simply to generate the mood and feel of Songkran, though these activities will be limited to gently pouring water onto Buddha statues, building sand pagodas and holding a New Year exhibition.

There will also be a Buddha Sihingh statue celebration at Wat Phra Singh on the 11th April as well as a small event within the temple grounds on the 13th to invite the Buddha Sihingh statue to the Ubosot, but there will be no parade.