Men Claiming to be Military Shot a Gun at Wedding

 | Mon 11 Mar 2019 16:47 ICT

CityNews – Two alleged military officers randomly shoot guns at wedding.

Eakapon Deengam, father of a bride and the village headman from Lampang’s Ban Pong Wang village, reported to police regarding two men who disturbed a wedding on the night of March 10th. During the wedding, the two men showed up claiming that they were soldiers attending the wedding of friends. However, neither men were invited guests and it is unclear if in fact they are soldiers. The two men got drunk and upset some teens sitting at the same table. They got up and began to brandish their guns, while claiming that they were military stationed in Bangkok. The men spotted Eakapon taking video clip so they threatened to shoot him, one of them actually shooting his gun into the air a while later. This caused the wedding to immediately collapse.

Update (March 11th): One of the two men was confirmed to be a military officer by Lt.Gen. Pongsak Semachai, Royal Thai Air Force Public Relations. The man, however, had gone AWOL since last year and there has been an announcement to release him from his position.