Social media hunt for men who stole cat collar, cash and hand gel

 | Fri 21 May 2021 12:11 ICT

Yesterday a Facebook page posted a story that happened on Wednesday night at At Rachadamnoen Plaza behind M Hotel by Tha Pae Gate.

According to the poster two young men were seen stealing cash from the tip tray at the toilet, then stealing the toilet’s hand gel, before bending down to steal a fake gold-plated collar from ‘Sia Kao’ the cat which was sleeping under a bench in front of the toilets.

Following the post, the CCTV footage showing the crimes was also posted.

CityNews contacted the poster to find that she is a 39 year old manager of At Rachadamnoen Plaza, the scene of the crime.

This would be a non-story but for the fact that the owner of the page shared that she had rescued this handicapped cat following a car accident and was always worried about it being bullied, so she had just purchased that 59 baht collar a few days prior.

“It was obviously light and fake, so I don’t know why the men would have thought it of value enough to steal,” she said.

Social media has gone into overdrive with netizens sleuthing and swearing to bring in the culprits.