Smog Level Remains The Same: Over The Health Standard, Better Than Last Year

 | Tue 29 Mar 2016 07:46 ICT

CityNews – Mongkol Suksai, Chiang Mai Vice-Governor discussed the smog and wildfire resolution with relevant departments on 28 March.

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The smog situation in Chiang Mai remains approximately the same, PM 10 over the health standard for almost a week. Compared to last year, the smog situation is better. Last year, there was a 60-day “hotspot” that cumulated 1,882 points, but so far this year there have only been 558 points accumulated. The Vice-Governor said that there have been 10 days this year that the PM 10 level is over 120 ug/m3 compared to last year in which there were 17 days that the PM 10 level was over 120 ug/m3. Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health reported 4 common diseases of patients: heart disease and stroke, respiratory disease, eye inflammation, and Dermatitis during 1- 27 March. There have been approximately 43,382 patients in Chiang Mai during this time, and a portion of these patient’s cases may be related to the smog. Although, the causation between smog PM 10 over standard and patients’ diseases is still not confirmed.