Smart Parking Nimman Launched

 | Thu 27 Feb 2020 16:18 ICT

CityNews – Following the announcement on the 20th February of a signing of the MOU between the Chiang Mai Municipality and Chiang Mai University to use the technology of the IOT (internet of things) to launch a smart parking pilot project along Nimmanhaemin and Sirimankalajarn, Citylife has found some further information on the matter.

This project is launched under the Ministry of Energy with a budget of between five to six million baht. The concept of Smart Parking will enable authorities to analyse and have current data on all available parking spots in the area covering both indoor and outdoor parking areas. Through an application, it can be known real time at all times where there is an available parking spot. This is part of the overall Smart City strategy which was launched to much fanfare in 2017 with a 340 million baht budget.

This system will be used by all patrolling traffic police on duty in the area via a mobile application. Whereas the system can be used to find parking spots, such as that installed in Chiang Mai Ram hospital, this will be used to show traffic police where people have parked illegally. Police will be able to respond within 15 mins at maximum, saving time and streamlining their efficiency. According to Assistant Professor Anucha Phronwangkwang from Chiang Mai University’s Engineering Department a real problem of parking along the busy roads and sois of Nimmanhaemin and Sirimankajarn, are the intersections where many people park illegally. According to the law, they are not allowed to park within ten metres of any intersection. This app will alert police when someone does that. This system will be working daily between the hours of 7am until 9pm with alerts being sent to the traffic police Line Group. There are currently 171 sensors installed in the area. Police, once alerted, will then clamp the wheels and process fines through regular channels.

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