Singaporean Organisation Donates 3,600 Respiratory Masks to Needy Children in Chiang Mai

 | Fri 15 Mar 2019 13:23 ICT

Press Release

CHIANGMAI, THAILAND – Northern Thailand has been shrouded in smog, as forest fires rage on from the unusually dry weather. Air quality index (AQI) in the northern province of Chiangmai has soared past 400 today – passing the hazardous mark on Wednesday, making it as one of the most polluted city in the world.

Schools have been shut down, citizens have been advised to avoid outdoor activities and hospitals are seeing a surge of patients with respiratory conditions – especially among the elderly and young.

In the midst of this, one Singaporean organisation – has stepped forward to help Thai children by donating 3,600 respiratory masks to children’s shelters and homes. These respiratory masks are donated by Thai and Singaporean donors through RADION International Foundation – a humanitarian relief & development charity headquartered in Chiang Mai.

Doing Better Good

The relief aid came through PROJECT LIVES!, RADION’s signature relief & awareness campaign that saw hundreds of volunteers from Thailand and Singapore coming together to make a difference to needy communities in the region.

Through this annual relief campaign, RADION International Foundation received more than 8 metric tons of relief aid, which has been pre-positioned in high risk communities across Thailand to mitigate risk for vulnerable communities.

“Over the last 10 years, we are seeing more drastic changes in weather patterns – extreme dry seasons, firestorms, cold snaps and unprecedented floods. These disasters often affect needy communities the most – with children, the sick and aged – particularly at risk.” said Mr Eugene Wee, Executive Director of RADION International.

Climate Change & Impact

Airborne pollutants can aggravate existing respiratory problems such as asthma, making it harder to breathe.

“The air quality is increasingly worrying, especially for children and their families. Not all families can afford a respiratory mask, and this puts them and their children at higher risk. This is where everyone can join hands to make a difference.” Said Ms Kanokrat Suebsakwong, a social worker working with high risk children in Thailand.

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Project LIVES is a annual awareness and relief collection drive that dovetails with RADION International’s relief & development programme in Northern Thailand. Through Project LIVES! and other volunteer programmes, RADION International connects the public to needy communities to bring credible humanitarian assistance and do better good in the region.


RADION International Foundation is an award winning relief and development agency founded in 2007. RADION International helps communities living in the fringes of society that are under-reached. The organisation’s activities are based in Northern Thailand, where it is involved in child rescue and rehabilitation care, food augmentation and medical aid, community education and development, and crisis relief.