Shopkeeper and Family Foils Deputy District Chief’s Robbery Attempt

 | Mon 6 Jul 2015 09:25 ICT

CityNews – On Friday 3rd July around 2 pm the Phayao police were alerted to an ongoing robbery in a gold shop, Asia Gold, in the city’s centre. Rushing to the scene, the police found the alleged robber subdued and covered in blood.


Earlier on, the owner of the gold shop, Nujaree Sutthikulbutre, 52, was sitting in her shop with two female relatives when a man entered, his face covered in a motorbike helmet and brandishing a hammer in one hand an a 9mm gun in another. He demanded the women hand over their gold.

The women decided to overpower him instead and all jumped onto him, during which time his gun discharged twice, grazing the hip of the shop owner, Nujaree. One of the women was able to wrench the hammer from the gunman and with help of some neighbours, alerted by the noise, they began to hit him with it until he collapsed. Two of the relatives were slightly injured on their hands and on their faces. The thief was identified as Chaisit Kittipong, a deputy district chief of a Phayao district, who police believed had found himself desperate after falling into debt.