Seven Bird Feed Vendors Arrested at Tha Pae Gate

 | Tue 31 Jul 2018 06:02 ICT

CityNews – Seven illegal bird feed vendors have been arrested at Tha Pae Gate.

The pigeons at Tha Pae Gate have been an ongoing issue for the city as their numbers has been reportedly increasing.

In the attempt to prevent an infestation of pigeons in the area, Chiang Mai Municipality enacted a law prohibiting any street vendor in the area to sell bird feed. For tourists and locals, it is not uncommon to have someone try and sell bird feed to you at the gate, despite this law.

On July 29th, city inspector visited the gate and arrested seven people selling bird feed. However, during the operation, some vendors managed to escape. This is the not first arrest carried out.

The inspectors revealed to the press that these vendors have been warned, some were charged but they just keep coming back, and that tourists still purchase feed from them despite the large warning signs in English and Chinese.