Seven bars caught selling alcohol after 9pm

 | Fri 2 Jul 2021 14:46 ICT

Governor of Chiang Mai Charoenrit Sanguansat has appointed the permanent secretary of Chiang Mai province to set up a team to inspect the many bars and restaurants in Chiang Mai to ensure that no one is operating illegally and following restrictions and rules.

To date, the team have found seven businesses to be in violation of current alcohol selling laws, selling alcohol after 9pm. Choen Bar in T. Haiya, Y-Zone in T. Haiya, Mala Mahaniyom in T. Faham, Chum Garden in T. Chang Phuak, Havana in T. Sriphum, Roots Rock Reggae in T. Sriphum and Babylon in T. Sriphum have all been found to be in violation and all seven owners arrested.