Seafood Prices Increase After Government Crackdown on Illegal Fishing

 | Thu 2 Jul 2015 08:39 ICT

CityNews – Seafood prices have risen in Chiang Mai after the governments increased efforts to stop illegal fishing in Thailand’s waters, leaving merchants hoarding products in fear of shortages.


Seafood prices have gone up between 5 and 10 percent in the last week.

Merchants and customers alike have been troubled by the increase in costs and the shortage of certain products, resulting in customer’s mass buying and stock hoarding by merchants.

However, Ms. Thananchanok Taraj, the owner of Namchok Maung Mai Seafood Store, said that the increased prices had not seemed to bother her customers so far.

The highest rise in price has been seen in Horse Crabs from 250 baht to 270 baht a kg, and Cockles from 80 baht to 120 to 140 baht a kg. Squid has also seen a significant rise in price.

Large stores are able to bulk buy and freeze some of their products, in case more shortages result in the prevention of illegal fishing. However, according to Thananchanok, smaller stores that need to buy fresh every day will be much more affected and potentially loose business.