Scammed in Chiang Mai – The Movie

 | Thu 3 Oct 2013 09:12 ICT

CityNews  – An Australian man who goes by the YouTube name of ‘Keith Baby’ made a documentary this year called ‘Wham Bam Thank You Scam’ after he lost around 150, 000 US dollars to scammers who it turned out worked from Chiang Mai.

Keith Baby

The documentary, which has recently become a topic on Thai web forums, follows Keith Baby from Bangkok to Chiang Mai where he goes in search for the people who once promised him financial rewards, and yet in the end he lost a great a deal of money.

The scam is similar to many boiler room scams where someone calls you and offers you the investment of a lifetime. These scams mostly work out of Bangkok, but it’s well known Chiang Mai is also home to some boiler rooms.

Largely thanks to the work of journalist Andrew Drummond many boiler rooms have moved out of Thailand and moved into neighboring countries.